StackHub has 25 publicly visible packages:

afAxonatorExt 0.9.2 Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code
afAxontExt 0.0.6 Test runner and assertion functions for Axon
afEscapeTheMainframeExt 1.0.0 A jump game rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics!
afHttpExt 1.0.4 Axon functions for making HTTP requests to REST APIs
afIcndbExt 0.0.2 Internet Chuck Norris Database (ICNDB) functions for Axon
bassgBasMaker 1.1.34 Graphics suite
bassgCommon 1.0.63 BASSG common routines lib. Required for bassgVisualytik and bassgBasMaker
bassgRecordEditor 1.0.64 Channels editor for EAC devices.
bassgVisualytik 0.8.105 Visual Analytics built-on SkySpark
bassgVisualytikResExt 1.0.1 Resources for bassgVisualytik
bfitRExt 1.5.3 BuildingFit R Extension
easyStackFC20Ext 1.1.24 Functions and forms for Easy IO FC-20
etcSmapExt sMAP Connector Extension
itwToolkitExt 1.6 IoT Warez Toolkit
kmcmqttExt 1.0 KMC's MQTT Driver
pahoMqtt 1.1.0 Java jars wrapper pod. Required by pahoMqttExt
pahoMqttExt 1.0.3 MQTT Connector based on Paho mqtt client library
sfAhuRulesExt 1.0.2 Run rules against AHUs. Includes some ASHRAE 55 recommendations.
sfxBackupExt 0.1.2 Save remote SkySpark backups locally
sfxCalculusExt 1.4.0 Use Calculus on History Grids in SkySpark
sfxDataQualityExt 1.0.7 Look for missing or strange values in your data.
sfxGoogleDriveExt 1.0.2 Save files to Google Drive
sfxLbnlExt 1.0.2 Demand Forecasting with LBNL-4944E
sfxSignalAnalysisExt 1.2.4 Filter out or filter in low duration events (thanks to BUENO for concept help)
sfxTwitterExt 1.0.2 Twitter Extension for SkySpark