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Nyan Cat SkySpark Card View

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Delight customers and managers alike with the Nyan Cat Card View on SkySpark!

Nyan Cat Views - Montage

Nyan Cat is available as a fun SkySpark Card widget designed to be used in custom styled (ViewBuilder) dashboards alongside other existing SkySpark Cards.

Use SkySpark Cards in a Tile View to showcase the real potential of SkySpark Dashboards.

Nyan Cat View - Wide layout

Quick Start

Just like any SkySpark Card, to use Nyan Cat you must follow the usual ViewBuilder steps:

  1. Create a SkySpark app
  2. Create a SkySpark View for the app, and add Nyan Cat
  3. Create an Axon function to act as a data source

1) The App

Nyan Cat ships with a ready made app called, afNyanCatApp to help get started quickly!

Alternatively, to create your own app record(s), the SkySpark Builder App may be used as normal.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to restart SkySpark after installing Nyan Cat. See the forum post Broken icons after a Fantom pod install for details.

2) The View

This simple View record creates one instance of the Nyan Cat View, and adds it to the afNyanCatApp. (Copy paste this to your view record.)

view    : afNyanCatView
dis     : Nyan Cat
appName : afNyanCatApp
src     :
  view  : { uiType : "afNyanCatExt::NyanCatView" }
  data  : { expr   : "afNyanCat_sampleData()" }

The tag uiType : "afNyanCatExt::NyanCatView" is most important and is how you define a View to contain Nyan Cat.

IMPORTANT: The "Shell Tool App" must be used to create View records. See the forum post View Builder deletes the uiType tag for details.

3) The Func

Copy paste this into a new Axon function called afNyanCat_sampleData.

This function supplies sample data to the afNyanCatView.

  () => do

    data : {
      title      : "Nyan Cat",
      subtitle   : "Is Awesome",
      primary    : 69%,
      metric     : "Nyantastic",

    pres : [
        col      : "card",
        theme    : "space",  // light, dark, or space
        layout   : "large",  // default, wide, tall, or large
        col      : "primary",
        format   : "0.0",
        cat      : "run",    // stand or run
        chartMin : 50,
        chartMax : 75,

    return data.toGrid({presentation: pres})

Nyan Data

The structure of the data used to power Nyan Cat follows the conventions laid out by SkySpark Cards.

The Nyan Cat View should receive a Dict (or a Grid with a single row) containing the following:

  title    : "Nyan Cat",
  subtitle : "Is Awesome",
  primary  : 69%,
  metric   : "Nyantastic",

The main value is called primary as per the SkySpark Card convention.

Each tag is optional, and if not supplied, its previous value is used.

Default data may also be set in the View record.

view    : afNyanCatView
dis     : Nyan Cat
appName : afNyanCatApp
src     :
  view  : {uiType:"afNyanCatExt::NyanCatView" title:"Nyan Cat" subtitle:"Is Awesome"}
  data  : {expr:"afNyanCat_sampleData()"}

IMPORTANT: The "Shell Tool App" must be used to create View records. See the forum post View Builder deletes the uiType tag for details.

Presentation Data

Presentation data is in the form of a Grid, and may be supplied as a View Variable, or as meta in the data returned from the Axon function.

Valid col values are card, title, subtitle, primary, unit, and metric.

The card column defines the overall theme for the View.

  • theme may be light, dark, or space.
  • layout may be normal, wide, tall, or large and specifies the layout intent.

The primary column defines the Nyan Cat dial and the displayed value.

  • The cat may be animated by supplying a cat tag with a value of run; if omitted or if any other value is given, the cat remains still.
  • format is used to display the numerical value.
  • chartMin defines the start of the rainbow, and chartMax defines the end.

All other values, in all columns, are set as CSS properties. Accepted properties are manually curated and whitelisted as a security precaution. The rules are complicated, so the best approach is to try it an see!

pres : [
    col           : "card",
    theme         : "light",
    col           : "title",
    background    : "red",
    color         : "white",
    padding       : "0.25rem 1rem",
    borderRadius  : "1rem",

Note that all CSS properties must be camelCased (e.g. paddingTop not padding-top ) to conform to SkySpark Grid column name rules.

The Value-Add

The Nyan Cat SkySpark Card view is offered as a fun freebie to brighten up your day. Everyone needs sparkle in their lives!

Fantom Factory specialises in advanced customisations and software solutions for SkySpark. Visit our website to learn more and please contact us at any time to arrange a call to see how we can help your organisation.

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Nyan Cat is not open source, but it is free to use.

Permission to use, copy, and / or distribute this software for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted.

The software is provided "AS IS" and Fantom Factory disclaim all warranties with regard to this software including all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness. In no event shall Fantom Factory be liable for any special, direct, indirect, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of this software.

Special Mentions

Special thanks go to Connor Law for helping us with early prototypes of the Nyan Cat dial.

Release Notes


  • New: Custom CSS properties may be added to the title, subtitle, and other parts of the Nyan Cat card.
  • Chg: Prevented Nyan Cat from being clipped at extreme values.
  • Chg: Added an explicit licence section to the documentation.


  • New: First public release.
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