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Welcome to the Energy Twin (ET) extension for SkySpark. Energy Twin is a machine learning-based SkySpark extension for energy data analysis and prediction.

Energy Twin libraries available on StackHub:

  • ET Analytics
    • advanced ML library using detailed models with up to 15min sampling
    • ideal for building electrical energy consumption analysis and prediction
    • anomaly detection - predefined Sparks
    • tailored KPIs
    • based on the TOWT model by LBNL
    • free to download, licensed by ET Core
  • ET Interactive
    • simple to use regression analysis using degree-days models and ASHRAE change point models
    • interactive model tuning and outlier removal
    • perfect for heat consumption analysis
    • free to download, licensed by ET Core
  • ET Core
    • core mathematical modeling algorithms referenced by both ET Analytics and ET Interactive
    • ET licensing mechanism for both ET Analytics and ET Interactive
  • ET Evaluation
    • additional tool for ET models’ prediction evaluation
    • free to download, operates only with models from ET Analytics and ET Interactive
  • ET Common Tools
    • necessary package containing common functions used by all extensions

See the ET website for case studies and more information: Energy Twin webpage.

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