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The smbTools Extension is a thin Fantom wrapper around the jCIFS and smbj java libraries.

It exposes a small number of Axon functions for constructing and using an SmbReader instance. The extension allows the Axon developer to access files available on a Windows share using the SMB protocol.

Older SMBv1 is supported via the jCIFS library and SMBv2+ is supported via the smbj library. During initial connection, the extension will attempt to determine what protocol version is supported and will use the newer more secure versions if possible.

Note: Versions from 1.1.0+ are built for SkySpark 3.1.1+

See the Axon function docs for details on how to use the extension.

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Build date2 years ago
on 13th Dec 2021
Requirements SkySpark v3.1
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