Auto-refresh your SkySpark Views

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View Refresher for SkySpark adds auto refresh functionality to your custom views by making the following quality-of-life action buttons available. All or none may be added to your views.

Start Stop Refresh Settings

  • Start - starts auto refreshing your view
  • Stop - stops auto refresh
  • Refresh - Manual refresh
  • Settings - Opens a dialogue to customise refresh frequency (1 second, 10 seconds, etc...)


If using View Builder - buttons may be added your custom view like this:

View Builder Actions

If editing your View source by hand, buttons may be added with:

btnStart    : { action:"afViewRefresherExt::AutoRefresh.start"        dis:"Start"    }
btnStop     : { action:"afViewRefresherExt::AutoRefresh.stop"         dis:"Stop"     }
btnRefresh  : { action:"afViewRefresherExt::AutoRefresh.refresh"      dis:"Refresh"  }
btnSettings : { action:"afViewRefresherExt::AutoRefresh.openSettings" dis:"Settings" }

Refresh Interval

The refresh interval may be set via the Settings Dialogue button:

Settings Dialogue

A default value may be set via the View Builder via the afRefreshInterval variable:

View Builder Vars

Or via the source:

afRefreshInterval : { var kind:"Number" defVal:3s }

If no afRefreshInterval var is specified, it defaults to 5 seconds.

Example View

A simple clock can be created by making a new Custom View that inherits the Table View which shows the the Axon expression now()

view        : { inherit: "table" }
data        : { expr   : "now()" }
btnSettings : { action:"afViewRefresherExt::AutoRefresh.openSettings" dis:"Settings" }


Can View Refresher be used with the default SkySpark Views?

View Refresher can only be used on Views you can add custom Actions to, so sadly, we do not think View Refresher can be added to existing default Views.

But you can create a new Custom View that re-uses a default View and add View Refesher to that!


View Refresher is not open source, but it is free to use.

By using View Refresher you agree to the End User Licence Agreement contained within the software.

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