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This pod is a tool used to import NHaystack devices without any axon code.

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nHaystack Import Enhanced Module Description by BAS Services & Graphics


nHaystack Import Enhanced by BAS Services & Graphics is a cutting-edge module that transforms how building professionals interact with and leverage data from the Niagara Framework in SkySpark's analytics platform. This module has been meticulously engineered to remove complexities from defining, importing, and tagging data, thus ensuring an effortless synchronization between two of the building industry's most critical systems.


Simplified Data Definition

  • Auto-discovery features for rapidly identifying points, devices, and other data elements from Niagara Framework.
  • Easily map data types, units, and properties from Niagara to their SkySpark equivalents.

Streamlined Data Import

  • Execute batch or incremental data imports with a straightforward configuration process.
  • Automated data integrity checks and reconciliation mechanisms to ensure accuracy.

Advanced Tagging & Semantic Modeling

  • Auto-tagging of imported data based on Niagara's existing configurations.
  • Options to extend existing SkySpark tagging models or customize your own, specific to your project needs.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Access all these powerful features from an intuitive, integrated UI within SkySpark's view framework.
  • Context-sensitive tooltips and inline help offer immediate assistance and reduce the learning curve.

Open Axon Code Commitment

As part of BAS Services & Graphics' ongoing commitment to fostering innovation in the smart buildings space, we are proud to keep the Axon code in nHaystack Import Enhanced open. This open codebase allows for unparalleled transparency, customizability, and adaptability, ensuring the module serves as a robust, versatile tool for the building industry.


  • Compatible with SkySpark v3.x or higher.
  • Designed for Niagara Framework 4.x or higher.

Installation Steps

  1. Download the nHaystack Import Enhanced package.
  2. Install the module into your SkySpark instance via the Install Module function.
  3. Configure the connectivity settings to link with your Niagara Framework.
  4. Navigate to the SkySpark interface to start your data discovery, import, and tagging journey.

Support and Contact

For technical support, feature requests, or any challenges you might face, please contact us at --------------.


With nHaystack Import Enhanced, you don't just get a module; you get a partner committed to elevating the state of building automation and analytics. Choose this innovative tool for an uncompromising, transparent, and efficient data management experience that only BAS Services & Graphics can provide.

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