Data-Informed Facility Management

Trove Consulting is committed to helping facility managers and service providers make data-informed decisions. In addition to being a SkySpark integrator, Trove Consulting offers custom programming services, app development, and training. Our Tariff Builder SkySpark App is available directly through StackHub and we would be happy to discuss any other custom needs that you may have.

Tariff Builder Extension

At a time when utility rate structures are only increasing in complexity, SkySpark users of all experience levels need access to accurate cost calculations in their analytics without wasting hours pouring over tariff documents. Tariff Builder provides a streamlined workflow to quickly generate detailed and up-to-date electric tariff models for the SkySpark Tariff Engine.

Tariff Builder leverages the RateAcuity tariff database to automate the entire data entry step of the process. RateAcuity provides access to 12,000+ unique tariff schedules from over 1,800 utilities directly within the Tariff Builder App. RateAcuity licensing is also conveniently included in the cost of Tariff Builder. After obtaining the details of a tariff from Rate Acuity, Tariff Builder walks through each step in the process of configuring a tariff for the SkySpark Tariff Engine. With little more than a single utility bill in hand, a user can easily select and configure all applicable charges, create billing histories, visualize charge schedules, and apply their new tariff model to utility meter data in SkySpark.

Visit the Tariff Builder StackHub page to find out more information and explore licensing options. Visit the product overview page to get in touch with us or schedule a demo.


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Tariff Builder Extension
Select desired capacity of utility tariffs to access within the app. Tariff updates from the tariff database are included for one year.
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