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A simple front-end for Axonator

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AxonatorUI is a SkySpark extension that provides a simple front end for Axonator.

Axonator is a SkySpark extension that encrypts your Axon source code, keeping it safe from prying eyes.

AxonatorUI is an app and a simple front-end to Axonator that demonstrates the encryption process. No Axon experience required!


After installing afAxonatorUiExt and enabling it on a project, visit the Axonator UI app:

AxonatorUI Screenshot

Copy paste your Axon source code in to the box on the left (or keep the default helloWorld function) and click Axonate . Encrypted Axon code then appears in the box on the right.

Key functions can be a complicated topic, but the Axonator UI settings make them easy to understand:

AxonatorUI KeyFunc Settings

You may also copy paste multiple function records in the Trio text format. If you don't have any trio to hand to test it out, here's some I made earlier:

// sample .trio file for demonstration purposes
// copy 'n' paste me in to AxonatorUI

name : testFunc1
src  :
  (name) => do
    return "Hello " + name + "!"

tag1 : this-record
tag2 : is
tag3 : not-a-func

name : testFunc2
src  :
  () => do
    return "Good bye " + name + "!"


AxonatorUI (not to be confused with Axonator itself) is free software licensed under the permissive ISC Licence by the Internet Systems Consortium - it is similar to the popular MIT licence, only shorter!

Release notes


  • Chg: Recompiled with an older SkySpark version to get around this Fantom bug.


  • New: Added an Options tab to the Settings dialogue to disable the axonated tag.


  • New: New Settings dialogue lets you configure all the keyFunc options.


  • New: Initial release.
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