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Functions and forms for Easy IO FC-20

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Connecting FC-20 Offline

alt textStep 1

img of fc-20

Here you can select the type of each input or output

temp table

Chooses a temperature option

MAC address

Adjusts the name addresses and adds controllers

dip switches

This image shows what the dip switch numbers are and what the equal. The text will tell you what to set the Dip Switches to based on how many controllers you have.

Step 2

editor- Appliance has intelligent UI

  • Based on what you selected for the type of input or output, this will show you the UI that you need to configure based on what you selected
  • Also you can add histories for the points you choose

discoverStep 3

dl changes

Allows you to download certain inputs and outputs to a controller

Step 4


Automatically pairs the devices

Jumper Settings


Set the jumpers for the points being added

  1. Setting up connectors[offline]`https://finproducts.atlassian.net/wiki/display/FINStack/Easy+IO+FC-20#EasyIOFC-20-Step1-Offline` and online
  2. How to use the FC-20 Forms
  3. Other forms and functions
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