Unit test runner and assertion functions for Axon

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An extension for SkySpark v3.0.12+ that provides a unit test runner and assertion functions for testing Axon code.

Quick Start

First create some test functions in Axon. Test functions are typically prefixed with test, take no arguments, and optionally return okay to signify just that.

testPassExample : () => do
  expected : "foo bar"
  actual   : "foo bar" // this bit should do some work!

  // assert the result
  verifyEq(expected, actual)


testFailExample : () => do
  expected : "foo bar"
  actual   : "poo"

  // assert the result
  verifyEq(expected, actual)


Then pass them to the test runner to have them executed.

// run tests

Results are returned in a handy grid:

Axont Result Grid


AxonT Ext is free software and an open source project licensed under the permissive ISC Licence by the Internet Systems Consortium - it is similar to the popular MIT licence, only shorter!

Version Notes


  • Chg: verifyEq() and verifyNotEq() are more lenient when testing Lists and Dicts. (e.g. the backing Fantom List type is ignored, Etc.dictEq() is now used but also patched for this bug.)


  • Chg: Ensure the Axon trace is captured by runTests() results. (Thanks go to John MacEnri / Crawley Carbon for the pull requst.)


  • Chg: Renamed extension from axont to afAxont for consistency with other Alien-Factory products.


  • New: Added setup and teadown to runTests() options.
  • New: Created alien icon for ext.
  • Chg: verifyErr returns the err msg should you wish to perform further (regex) tests on it.


  • New: Preview release, created to test Axonator - the Axon source code encryptor and obfuscator.
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