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Bespoke Fantom and Axon Software

Fantom Factory has a wealth of experience in architecting, designing, and developing software solutions. As our name suggests, Fantom is our favoured programming language and we are proud to host some ready-made tools and software for you to use, right here on StackHub.

Alternatively, email us if you need a bespoke extension or package that you need to create for your business. With comprehensive skills in a variety of programming languages (Fantom, Java, Axon, Javascript) and networking protocols, we can hand craft something to suit your needs perfectly.

To learn more about our experience in Fantom, see our other websites:


Axonator Ext

Fed up of people stealing your Axon code?

Would you like to distribute your hard work in a format that's not plain text? Well, now you can encrypt it with Axonator!

Go to Axonator Ext

HTTP Client Ext

A SkySpark extension that provides powerful Axon functions for making HTTP requests and calling REST APIs. With bundles of functionality, let us take care of all the hard work for you.

Go to HTTP Client Ext

Pod Builder Ext

If you've created some sweet Axon functions, views and maybe some apps that you'd like to share with other SkySpark installations, now it's even easier to wrap them up into a SkySpark extension.

PodBuilder is a SkySpark extension which compiles Axon code and Folio records into a valid SkySpark extension for you.

Go to Pod Builder Ext

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Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code
Annual fee
HTTP Client
Powerful Axon functions for making HTTP requests to REST APIs
Price for 1 year
Price for 5 years
Price for 10 years
Pod Builder
Transform your Axon functions, Views, and Apps, into custom SkySpark extensions
Annual fee
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