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The novantExt implements connector support for the Novant Digital Foundation:

  • Read live data from Novant projects
  • Write values back to Novant projects
  • Sync trend data from Novant projects

API Keys

API keys are required to access data from Novant projects. It's recommended you create a specific API key just for SkySpark access. See Novant documentation for how to create an API key for your project.


Each connector in SkySpark maps 1:1 to a Novant project. To create and map a new connector:

dis: "My Device"
novantApiKey: "***********"

Where novantApiKey is the key you generated from the Novant platform.


Current values are configured using the novantCur tag on a point. Writable points use the novantWrite tag. Likewise histories use the novantHis tag. The value of these tags maps to the point ID for the Novant point, which will be in the format of "s.{sourceId}.{pointId}".

dis: "My Point"
novantCur: "s.1.5"
novantWrite: "s.1.5"
novantHis: "s.1.5"
equipRef: @equip-id
siteRef: @site-id
kind: "Number"
unit: "kW"

The SkySpark write level will be carried over directly into the downstream I/O device under the Novant gateway. For protocols that support priority, like Bacnet, this means the Bacnet priority array level matches the SkySpark write level. For protocols that do not support priority (such as Modbus) this value is ignored.


The Novant connector supports learning. Once a connector has been added, you can use the Site Builder to walk the device tree and add any or all points.

His Sync

Novant connectors do not support hisCollect. History can be synced using the standard SkySpark tools and with Axon using novantSyncHis. For example:

readAll(point and novantHis).novantSyncHis(2023-02-01)

History sync operates by queueing syncHis requests and attempting to batch request points in bulk to optimize API requests.

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