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Novant Connector

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The NovantExt implements connector support for the Novant Smart Building PaaS.

API Keys

Access to Novant devices are built around API keys. It's recommended you create a specific API key just for SkySpark access.


Each connector in SkySpark maps 1:1 to a Novant device. To create and map a new connector:

dis: "My Device"
apiKey: "***********"
novantDeviceId: dv_xxxxxxxxxxxxx
novantSyncFreq: "daily"

Where apiKey is the key you generated from the Novant platform, and novantDeviceId is the Novant device id for the device to connect. See Syncing section for details on novantSyncFreq.


Current values are configured using the novantCur tag on a point. Writable points use the novantWrite tag. Likewise histories use the novantHis tag. The value of these tags maps to the point ID for the Novant device, which will be in the format of "p{id}".

dis: "My Point"
novantCur: "p15"
novantWrite: "p15"
novantHis: "p15"
equipRef: @equip-id
siteRef: @site-id
kind: "Number"
unit: "kW"

The SkySpark write level will be carried over directly into the downstream I/O device under the Novant gateway. For protocols that support priority, like Bacnet, this means the Bacnet priority array level matches the SkySpark write level. For protocols that do not support priority (such as Modbus) this value is ignored.


The Novant connector supports learning. Once a connector has been added, you can use the Site Builder to walk the device tree and add any or all points.


The Novant extension is designed to automate history syncs to simplify keeping data up-to-date. Syncing is managed on the connector instead of per-point. The default is to sync trend data for all points under a connector daily. A new connector will begin syncing history yesterday. If you wish to sync previous data that is available, see the Conn Tool section below.

By design, the Novant platform trends data "day-behind." Which means your latest data will be up to midnight yesterday. Once you have created a new connector, the ext will automatically keep it up-to-date.

In cases where this is not desirable, you can disable auto-sync by setting the novantSyncFreq on a connector to "none". You can manually sync these connectors using the Conn Tool.

Conn Tool

The Novant Conn Tool provides a single view to manage your device connectors. This view will list all the current connectors in a table with easy to scan diagnostic information.

Sync History

The Sync History action will force a manual history sync for a given date range. This can be used to sync previous data before the connector was created in SkySpark. Syncing is optimized to skip days where data was already synced.

Clear History

To remove all history for all points under a connector, use the Clear History action. This only effects history in SkySpark. The data from the Novant platform can be resynced.

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