Runtime library for Axon Encryptor

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Axon Encryptor Runtime

A runtime library for executing source code encrypted with Axon Encryptor.

Axon Encryptor Runtime is a SkySpark extension requiring SkySpark v3.1.1 or later.

Axon Encryptor Runtime must be installed and enabled on any project with encrypted Axon functions; otherwise those functions will fail to execute.

Axon Encryptor Runtime is free and does not require a licence file to use. A valid licence file is only required during encryption to create unrestricted encrypted functions.

Talk to us if you would like to licence this runtime code to use in your own pods, and remove the dependency on afAxonEncryptorRtExt.

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Build date2 months ago
on Fri 4th Mar
Requirements SkySpark v3.1.1
Depends on
File nameafAxonEncryptorRtExt.pod
File size26.19 kB
SHA1 f9a234c93c8bf93459c0bcb856de8bc7ad6aec8a
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