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Paho MQTT Subscriber

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The PahoMqttSub Extension implements MQTT client subscription to topics on an MQTT broker. It uses the Eclipse Paho MQTT java client for all MQTT Broker communication. This extension depends on pahoMqtt which is just a wrapper for the runtime Java jar files it requires.

This extension is not a Connector. It is to be used simply for subscribing to topics and using an Axon function configured per subscription, to act on all messages received.

See the Axon function docs for details on how to use the extension.

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Paho MQTT Subscriber
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Build date1 week ago
on Fri 3rd Jul
Requirements SkySpark v3.0
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File namepahoMqttSub.pod
File size17.22 kB
SHA1 9df7aa0806dbe4475343a61aca51fa2c4893e1a0
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