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Particle Connector Extension

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This extension allows SkySpark to communicate with the Particle Device Cloud.


In Particle:

  1. Go to the Particle Console, enter "Authentication", and click "Create New Client"
  2. Create a "Two-Legged Auth (Server)"
  3. Record the Client ID and the Client Secret

In SkySpark:

  1. Enable the particleExt extension in the Settings app
  2. Enter the Connectors app
  3. Create a new Particle connector
    1. The SkySpark username should be the Particle Client ID
    2. The SkySpark password should be the Particle Client Secret
  4. Ping the connector and ensure the status becomes ok


This connector offers current-value collection support by binding to Particle device variables, defined by the particleCur tag. As with any current-value collection connector, SkySpark assumes that the read values are current, mirrors them in the curVal tag of the point, and periodically records the curVal in the historical database according to the hisCollectInterval and hisCollectCov tags. The default polling of the Particle variables is 10 seconds.


This connector supports "learn" functionality, allowing the user to view and easily create SkySpark points from the available devices and variables. To access this, click the "Connectors" button in the top right corner of the Classic Builder app, and select the Particle connector.


Please be aware of the API rate limits explained here Under the default 10s polling, this limit will become problematic when connecting to more than 100 device variables.


This code is licensed under the MIT License, and anyone is welcome to contribute. To do so, please visit this GitLab repository and follow contribution instructions there.

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