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An analytics and optimization add-in for BACnet connected Belimo Energy Valves

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alt text - Automated Discovery : Quickly discover and add BACnet connected EVs as equips

alt text - Summary View : See key data for all Energy Valve in a single sort-able page

alt text - Coil Power and DT : Easily plot curves to visualize flow, power and deltaT

alt text - Savings Calculators : Compare baseline to optimized operation for flow and energy savings

alt text - Setpoint Tool : Change EV configuration parameters in groups or individually

alt text - DT Optimization : Manually or automatically optimize deltaT setpoints

Learn more about Belimo's Energy Valve : Belimo Energy Valve


  • Energy Valves must be connected to your SkySpark installation via BACnet
  • Energy Valve versions 1,2 and 3 are supported
  • 20 SkySpark point licenses will be consumed by each Energy Valve equip that is created
  • This POD is encrypted with Axonator. You will need to install and enable the Axonator extension from Fantom Factory



  • New: Initial public release
  • Units: Imperial only
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Build date4 years ago
on 4th Mar 2020
Requirements SkySpark v3.0
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File nameenergyValveAppExt.pod
File size842.30 kB
SHA1 c86a0de6f39f821db0ce94184b7404930d3c563b
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Belimo Aircontrols (USA)Download now
Also available via SkyArc Install Manager
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