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kW UtilityAPI Connector


This extension enables SkySpark to sync data with a valid UtilityAPI account, allowing you to automatically import utility meter data straight from the source.

Both monthly and interval data are currently available (for supported utilities).

Important: This package is licensed through kW Engineering. You'll need to provide your SkySpark License ID in order to use this package.

UtilityAPI Setup Instructions

First, you'll need to create a UtilityAPI account. After creating an account, follow the UtilityAPI instructions to gain authorization to access your (or your customer's) data. Once that authorization is approved, you'll have access to an identifier called a "Authorization #." This is found on the UtilityAPI Dashboard by clicking the "Authorized" tab on the left. The number is found at the top of each separate authorization box, shaded in blue. You will need this key in a future step - so make sure to record it.

In order to access UtilityAPI via this extension, you will need to create a UtilityAPI key. You can follow these instructions (See step 1) found on the UtilityAPI website.

Don't forget to sync your data via the UtilityAPI dashboard! See the quick start guide if you need help.

Once you have both your UID and API key, you're ready to jump into SkySpark.

How to Setup the Connector in Skypark

First, you'll need to install the extension. You can do this by either installing the ext via Host | Install in SkySpark (and searching for "kWUtilityAPIExt"), or by manually installing it (docs).

After this step, the Connector is installed - but don't forget to go to the Settings app to enable it. You'll need to enable this on each project.

Once enabled, navigate to the Connector app. Click "New" to create a new connector, select "utilityAPI" and click "ok." Enter the Authorization UID and the UtilityAPI Key that you created earlier.

From this point, you'll be able to use the UtilityAPI connector to sync data just like other connectors in SkySpark. You can go to the Builder | Site view, and view any available points under the learn tree.


If any errors are encountered, the first step should be to re-enter the credentials into the connector and disable and renable it. Sometimes a restart is required, especially upon initial install.

If that doesn't work, please email for extended support.

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