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Welcome to Visualytik

What is Visualytik

Visulytik stands for Visualy Analytics. The goal for visualytik is to close the gap between analytics and realtime visuals within the Internet of Things on the web.

What can I create with Visualytik currently

Any visuals needed for within SkySpark interfaces.

Including and not limited to :

  • Live & historical data visualization :
    • Air Handling Units
    • Chiller & Boiler Plants
    • Unitary Devices such Variable air volume boxes
    • Data Center devices like Crac units
    • Solar Panels
    • Metering Equipment
    • Advanced analytics dashboards soon.

Does Visualytik supplied with 3D Graphics?

Visualytik is bundled with basMaker and anyone can deploy from pre-generated library.

What is the status of Visualytik?

It is in early alpha. Contact us [email protected] to get a early alpha release for feedback.

How is Visualytik programmed?

Visualytik uses Flow based programming to generate the bindings between widgets as well as data calls to the database?

What are the major concepts within Visualytik?

  • Page Manager
    • Where pages are created and assigned to Sites, Equips and navMeta definitions
  • Palatte Editor
    • End user can create multiple palettes, export and add/generate Super Components

      Super components used to create advanced widgets where they can be used to create complex systems for creating calls or visualization widgets where they can be used in more than one location.

Do you have more information?

Please contact us from bassg.com/helpdesk to learn more.

Small demo of Visualytik

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