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Save remote SkySpark backups locally

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This extension can be used to download backups from remote hosts, and save them on a central server host. Thus, it provides a way to consolidate backups from multiple hosts to a single server. Remote backups are saved into


The sfxRemoteBackup function can be run manually, or scheduled to run as a job.


To download a project backup requires a user with role su. To use this extension, you should

  1. Configure a user in all hosts with the same username and password, and ensure they have role su. A good username for this purpose might be backup.
  2. Edit this ext's rec in folio to add a username tag with the name of user you created in step #1
    diff(read(ext=="sfxBackup"), {"username":"backup"}).commit
  3. Use passwordSet to set the backup user's password. You should use the ext's id as the key.
    passwordSet(read(ext=="sfxBackup")->id.toStr, "the backup users password")

Once you have done all the configuration, you can use the sfxRemoteBackup function to do a remote backup. See the function documentation for usage details.

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Save remote SkySpark backups locally
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