Accredited eLearning for SkySpark, Axon, Project Haystack, and EntroCIM

It can be daunting to start learning a new technology and especially when you've joined a new team at the same time!

Fantom Factory eLearning courses are enjoyable, easy to understand, and will take you through everything you need to know from the very beginning.

More companies around the world now rely on our accredited courses to onboard new team members and even clients quickly and efficiently. With hosted tools for a realistic and practical experience of the actual systems you need to learn - they also aid with sales and promotion for your chosen technology product.

Our online courses are available for immediate access from the Fantom Factory website. Each course comes with digital certification and long term access to key notes and materials after completing the content.

Learn more about why we are Training Providers of Excellence and how we built an award winning next-gen training platform.

Our eLearning course range

SkySpark Analyst - Data Analytics

Learn how to use the main SkySpark applications, from the very beginning, to find and analyse real data for your energy saving goals.

"This was hands down the best software tutorial I have ever had. Phenomenal course. Great education, fun and entertaining, and very useful for real life scenarios."

5 / 5 stars - James

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SkySpark Engineer - Project building

Walk through building your first SkySpark project, while learning about data structures, Project Haystack tags, using connectors to add points, and using filter expressions to view and check your data.

"Overall, I think the course is GREAT! Specifically the parts on tagging, rules, and the Folio database are well organized - these are topics that can be difficult to understand for many new users."

5 / 5 stars - David

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SkySpark Viewbuilder - Dashboard customisation

Explore and create a range of dashboards and views with a variety of menus and options using our guided walkthroughs, demonstrations, and practical exercises.

"These trainings really helped me get the hang of SkySpark."

5 / 5 stars - Simon

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Axon Programmer - Core Axon syntax

Gain a deep understanding of the Axon programming language. Programmers learn how to use Axon in it's pure form, from the ground up without application to SkySpark, and to a high coding standard.

"I now have the confidence and knowledge to solve real problems on actual data."

5 / 5 stars - William

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Haystack Essentials - Data tagging and modelling

Explore the official website and resources, understand wider tag relationships, and create data models from a variety of example equipment schematics.

"This course helped elucidate terms that are otherwise esoteric, like "Ontology" or "Conjunct", in a way that makes semantic data modeling feel like child's play"

4 / 5 stars - April

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EntroCIM training coming very soon!


Commercial packages

Free packages

Products for sale
Axon Encryptor
Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code
Price for 1 year
Price for 2 years
EasyConn - Write connectors in Axon
Price for 1 year
HTTP Client
Powerful Axon functions for making HTTP requests to REST APIs
Price for 1 year
Price for 5 years
Price for 10 years
Kaiterra Cloud
Kaiterra Cloud Connector for Laser Egg and Sensedge devices. License costs per year:
100 points
500 points
1500 points
4500 points
Pelican Cloud
SkySpark Connector for Pelican Wireless Devices. License costs per year:
100 points
500 points
1500 points
4500 points
Pod Builder
Transform your Axon functions, Views, and Apps, into custom SkySpark extensions
1 year licence
2 year licence
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