Fantom Factory eLearning now available from SkySpark resellersImmediate and interactive eLearning for SkySpark analytics and Axon programming.

eLearning Courses for SkySpark & Axon

Fantom Factory is proud to present our eLearning platform for SkySpark training!.

Work through our training at your own pace, with no SkySpark installation required.

Speak to your SkySpark reseller, or visit our online shop to purchase a Course Access Code, and get started immediately.

SkySpark Analyst

Learn how to use SkySpark to analyse data, "out of the box", with no programming knowledge required! This course is designed for people who are new to SkySpark. Use our own hosted SkySpark software within the training course to work through interactive exercises and find real SkySpark data!

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Course length: approx 5-8 hours

Axon Core

Designed for programmers to gain a robust and practical knowledge of the Axon programming language, from the ground up. An in-depth look at using Axon in its pure form, to learn how to use this language to a high coding standard.

Work through Axon coding exercises using our custom built Axon Command Console, which tests your code - not the result!

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Course length: approx 16-24 hours

Our courses are designed with a bespoke learning syllabus, which is used to shape our course content and assessments. Certification is issued upon successful demonstration of key learning towards the course objectives.

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