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Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code (for SkySpark 3.0.x only)
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v1.0 Release


  • New: Added automatic fallback when generating code in newer SkySpark versions. X
  • Chg: Better defcomp function detection in SkySpark 3.0.21.


  • New: Axonator updates its internal cache when a function's cipher text changes.
  • Bug: If a resource pod with Axonated functions was updated and hot-deployed to SkySpark, Axonator would still execute the old functions.


  • New: Axonator now takes advantage of new Axon function features in SkySpark v3.0.22.


  • Chg: Hardened up defcomp function identification.
  • Bug: Function signatures could not compile when Dicts were used as default parameter values. Thanks to BuildingFit for reporting, see forum post for details.


  • New: Support for the new Axon defomp functions. Well, they're identified and ignored at least!
  • Bug: Default function arguments that contained strings of axon code were incorrectly identified.

v0.9 Beta


  • Bug: Function documentation that contained (commented out) functions could cause errors.


  • New: Added cmd line option to print Axonator and SkySpark version info - useful for debugging.


  • Bug: Fixed NPE that could occur when axonating from the cmd line.


  • New: If a custom keyFunc is not given on the cmd line, the default keyFunc is used.


  • New: Added option to prevent the axonated tag from being added to axonated functions.


  • Chg: Compitibility issues with older versions of SkySpark forced a recompile against SkySpark 3.0.20.


  • Bug: axonated tag definition was not being picked up by SkySpark 3.0.19+.


  • New: Encrypted code now support calls to curFunc().
  • Chg: Renamed Axon funcs to remove the af prefix - compatibility with older Axonator versions is still maintained.
  • Chg: Renamed afAxonated tag to just axonated.
  • Chg: Updated to work with SkySpark v3.0.20 but still compatible with SkySpark v3.0.13.
  • Chg: Other internal updates.


  • Chg: Some functions are more heavily compressed yielding smaller encrypted files.
  • Bug: Some pre-func comments would prevent the function paramter definition from being found.


  • New: Axonated functions now contain an afAxonated marker tag to prevent them from being axonated twice.
  • Chg: When encrypting, non-func records pass through Axonator unhindered.
  • Chg: The keyFunc parameter on axonate functions is now optional. When null, the default obfuscation key function is used.
  • Chg: When axonating files, the mod tag is no longer saved in the src.


  • Chg: Updated command line interface to encrypt directories of .trio files.


  • New: Axonator may now be invoked from the command line to encrypt .trio files


  • New: Created alien ext icon.
  • Chg: Renamed extension from axonator to afAxonator for consistency with other Alien-Factory products.


  • New: Added src code compression.
  • Chg: Axonator out on general release.

v0.0 Alpha


  • Preview release.
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