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Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code (for SkySpark 3.0.x only)
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v1.0.0 Issues with Dict default arguments
Jay Herron25th Nov 2019

Hey Steve,

It seems that on the newest version (v1.0.0), the axonation process changes default dict arguments from having the colon to having equals. For example:

(param1: {val1: "I'm a Str", val2: 5}) => do ...

will change to:

(param1: {val1="I'm a Str", val2=5}) => do ...

after Axonation. SkySpark's axon parser doesn't like the result, and the function won't run.


Steve Eynon26th Nov 2019

Hi Jay,

Thanks for reporting - that should now be fixed in Axonator v1.0.2.

I had switched to using SkySpark methods to identify and print out function signatures, but it seems they have problems with Lists and Dicts.

Today's fix led to a deeper investigation as to what's possible with default parameter values. While most are supported, I have now documented limitations with Lists and Dicts within inline functions.

Thanks for reporting,


Steve Eynon28th Nov 2019

Following up on this and after further support queries with SkyFoundry, I can report that the issue reported has been resolved in SkySpark v3.0.22.

Axonator v1.0.4 takes advantage of this and supports encryption of ALL Axon code (except defcomp funcs) in SkySpark v3.0.22 or greater. It and also has regression support for earlier versions of SkySpark.

Have fun,


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