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v1.1 Releases



  • Chg: SkySpark 3.0.29 broke backwards binary compatibility with 3.0.28, and with it the compatibility of PodBuilder. This release circumnavigates the issues and works with both old AND new versions of SkySpark. Thanks to Carlos Garcia for reporting.


  • New: Axon functions for building, installing, and uploading pods. Thanks to Ian Habermann of AFM for the suggestion.


  • Bug: Fixed - the Folio View could display too many .trio tabs. Thanks to Carlos Garcia for reporting. Happy New Year!


  • Bug: Fixed - the edit button on the Folio View had disappeared. Thanks to Carlos Garcia for reporting. Merry Christmas!


  • New: Records may be edited from the Folio / trio files view. Thanks to Andy Frank for his support.
  • New: nodoc and overridable marker tags are now displayed in the Folio / trio files view for func records. Thanks to Ian Habermann of AFM for suggesting this.
  • Bug: Fixed - Files View now works in all supported SkySpark 3.0.23+ versions.


  • Bug: Fixed - trashed records were displayed in the Folio view as normal, now they are correctly reported as problems. Thanks to Ian Habermann of AFM for reporting this.
  • Bug: Fixed - Unarchiving records from a custom .trio file caused an err. Thanks to Carlos Garcia for reporting this.


  • New: afPodBuilder_migrate() func to update older pod projects.
  • Chg: Simplified the mechanism by which PodBuilder identifies, selects, and archives Folio records. This is a backwards incompatible change and requires afPodBuilder_migrate() be run to update existing pod projects.
  • Chg: Deleting a project will now trash archived records, not delete them.
  • Bug: Fixed - The default set of trio files were not created in new pod projects. (Licensed users only.)

v1.0 Releases


  • Bug: Fixed - Deleting rules.trio would cause an err. Thanks to Leroy Simms of ABI Advantage LLC for reporting this.


  • New: Beta release of new archive functionality
  • Bug: Fixed - Template filters in the Folio view would incorrectly point to Views.
  • Bug: Fixed - Rule records in the Folio view could be assigned an incorrect filter.


  • Bug: Fixed - Creating new pods could cause an err. Thanks to Jaap Balvers of BAM for reporting this.
  • Bug: Fixed - Deleting all the .trio files in a pod would cause an err.


  • New: First public release of Pod Builder.
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