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Categories in tab 'Folio' cannot be modified
Carlos Garcia25th Dec 2020

After upgrading to version 1.1.4 the button to edit the categories in tab Folio is missing. Is there any other way to edit which artifacts I want to include in a pod?

Steve Eynon25th Dec 2020

Hi Carlos,

You're right - the "Edit" button in the Folio View had somehow disappeared!?

Never fear, it has made a reappearance in v1.1.6 - thanks for reporting!

Merry Christmas!


Carlos Garcia11th Jan 2021


Thanks for fixing the bug but now categories are duplicated every time you edit.

Steve Eynon11th Jan 2021

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for reporting; a simple browser refresh shows the correct tabs.

It has also been fixed in the (just released) v1.1.8.

Happy New Year!


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