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Encrypts and obfuscates Axon functions and components
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v2.0 Releases

v2 is a re-write of the original Axonator code, is updated to make use of SkySpark v3.1.x, splits the runtime code into its own extension, and provides seamless integration with Pod Builder.


  • New: Axon Encryptor now encrypts Axon Components and rules.
  • New: Added encryptComps option to cmd-line, Fantom Task, and UI settings to disable the new Axon Component encrypting feature.


  • New: Encrypted cipher text may now be (optionally) formatted as single "multi-line" Axon string. This imporoves the performance of large Axon functions. These functions require Axon v2.0.6 of the Axon Encryptor Runtime library (or later).
  • Chg: Documented options for the encryption functions.
  • Chg: Exposed cipherSplit as a cmd-line option.


  • Chg: Updated to be compatible with SkySpark v3.1.2.


  • New: A re-write of Axonator! New architecture, new code, still safe and secure!
  • New: Updated to use SkySpark v3.1.x.
  • New: Runtime component now split into its own mini runtime extension.
  • New: Seamless integration with Pod Builder for creating resource pods of Axon functions.
  • New: An Integrated UI for the casual encrypting of funcs and .trio files.
  • New: A Fantom AxonEncryptorTask Build Task class allows Axon Encrytor to be included in your build chain.
  • New: Detailed Cmd line output for easy script debugging.
  • New: Options for encrypting the content of pre-built pods.

v1.0 Releases

v1 was branded as Axonator.

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Axon Encryptor
Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code
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