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Change-point and degree-days models for building energy modeling using daily (weekly, monthly) data
ecpEnergyTwinInteractiveAxon funcs

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etiModelPredict(model, span)

Calculates a prediction of the given model

etiPointIdentifyOptimal(point, span, aggregation, aggregationPeriod, subModelName, modelType)


  • point
  • span
  • aggregation
    • options: etiFoldDiff, etiFoldIntegral
      • etiFoldDiff: difference between first and last value in rollup period
      • etiFoldIntegral: integrated sum in rollup period
  • aggregationPeriod
    • used to rollup data
    • options: 1day, 1wk, 1mo
  • subModelName
    • used to filter data
    • options: "base", "weekend", "workday"
      • "base": no filtering
      • "weekend": only weekend data
      • "workday": only workday data
  • modelType
    • options: "twoParameter", "threeParameterCool", "threeParameterHeat", "fourParameter", "fiveParameter", "hdd", "cdd", "hddCdd"
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