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Visual heatmap analysis of HVAC and energy data
ecpCarpetShopExtAxon funcs

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getCarpetShopData(point, span, foldFunction, xAxis, yAxis)

This function can be used in custom views. It performs all Carpet plot calculations and returns grid, that can be used directly as data source for Chart.


  • point
    • id of any point with kind == Number (see Suitable point types bellow)
  • span
    • time span of source data, aggregations will be computed using all data from selected time span
  • foldFunction
    • name of fold function that will be used for each cell value calculation
    • any fold function can be used, the most useful are the following functions:
      • avg - most useful fold function
      • max - useful for e.g. power peak minimization
      • min - can show e.g baseline energy consumption
      • sum - beware of number of records when using this fold function
      • count - useful for check of input data consistency
  • xAxis
    • select what shall be used as columns (x-axis)
    • the following options are available
      • hourofday - hour of day (i.e. 0 ... 23)
      • dayofweek - day of week (i.e. Mon, ... ,Sun)
      • day - day of year (e.g. 2019-05-02)
      • week - week number and year (e.g. 2019-15)
      • month - month and year (e.g. 2019-05)
      • year - year (e.g. 2019)
  • yAxis
    • select what shall be used as rows (y-axis)
    • options are the same as xAxis options


getCarpetShopData(read(point and kind == "Number"), 2019, "avg", "HourOfDay", "DayOfWeek")
getCarpetShopData(readById(@yourid), 2019, "avg", "HourOfDay", "DayOfWeek")
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