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1st Sep 2019 - v3.4.7 - Packages now sorted by release date

Keen to know what the latest releases are on StackHub?

Packages may now be sorted by name or release date, making it easy to keep track of those essential new releases.

Packages may be sorted by name or release date

Pop over to the packages page and take a look!

27th May 2019 - v3.4.6 - Package version requirements

This is a a small but important update; package details now show the minimum base requirement. Usually this is a version of SkySpark, and it quickly lets you know if the package is compatible with your system.

Example Requirement: SkySpark v3.0.20

The same information is listed on a package's Versions page allowing users of older systems to quickly identify compatible packages.

If you're a SkySpark OEM and would like your product to be listed as a requirement for StackHub packages, then ping me an email! (See footer for address.)

Thanks go to BASSG and Anka Labs for the suggestion.

15th May 2019 - StackHub a Silver Sponsor at Haystack Connect

StackHub was a proud Silver Sponsor at this year's Haystack Connect event. Steve and Emma braved the sunshine in San Diego to explain the benefits of StackHub to attendees.

Steve and Emma presents StackHub at Haystack Connect 2019

StackHub then took part in Wednesday morning's Pitchfest where Steve explained to the audience the virtues of StackHub licensing and how it can protect your software.

We knew Steve's presentation was going to be a big hit as his rehearsals attracted strangers from all walks of life!

Steve going Quackers

Special shout outs go to: Anka Labs, American Family Insurance, Altura Associates, Belimo, BuildingFit, CABA, Conserve IT, J2 Innovations, Intel, Intellastar, IOT Warez, Kodaro, SkyFoundry, Smart Green, and VRT Systems.

In all it was a great informal but informative event with over 300 attendees from both hardware and software backgrounds.

7th May 2019 - v3.4.5 - Price tiers for sales fees

It's good news for StackHub vendors and would-be StackHub vendors for our sales fees have just been reduced to 20%! Better than that, our fees reduce even further as the value of your product increases.

This means vendors are rewarded for selling higher value goods!

Chart depicting how the StackHub percentage fee decreases as product list price increases

See Selling Fees and E-Commerce for details.

27th Apr 2019 - v3.4.4 - FREE package sharing now enabled for BASIC subscriptions

StackHub's package sharing feature is now available for our Basic subscribers to try out.

Each organisation with a Basic subscription to StackHub is now entitled to share 1 private package with as many StackHub organisations as they like!

25th Apr 2019 - v3.4.3 - Fan scheme support for image URLs

When writing fandoc documentation for packages, you may now use URLs with the fan:// scheme to embed images from your pod.

The fan:// scheme has long been supported by Fantom and SkySpark and now you can use it in StackHub too!

The scheme follows this format:


and may be used in fandoc like this:

![My Image][200x50]`fan://acmeAwesome/res/images/logo.png`

Have fun!

21st Apr 2019 - v3.4.2 - Bulletin Board Announcements

Posts on the StackHub Bulletin Board now reach a far greater audience as announcements are now displayed at the top of every public StackHub page.

Announcements incorporate the topic and first line of your post and look this this:

StackHub Bulletin Board - Advertise your announcements here!

Whether you have a job that needs doing, a product that needs buying, or even a Happy Birthday message that needs announcing - the StackHub Bulletin Board is a great way to reach the active Project Haystack Community!

Thanks go to Active Facility Monitoring for the suggestion.

17th Apr 2019 - v3.4.1 - Product terms

The product details dropdown, as shown on package and vendor pages, now displays any licence restriction associated with the product:

Screenshot showing licence restrictions in the product details dropdown

Thanks go to BuildingFit for the suggestion.

14th Apr 2019 - v3.4.0 - Private Licence Generation

StackHub's offerings continue to grow as organisations may now create private licences for their own products!

This new Pay-As-You-Go feature is a BIG bonus for those companies who look after 3rd party servers or who work closely with their clients. It lets them distribute their packages, pods, and code without fear of software theft, keeping them in control of who uses their software and where it can be used.

Log in to StackHub and visit the new "Private licensing" section for details.

17th Jan 2019 - v3.3.4 - Free Bulletin Board posts for our subscribers

We now offer 1 free Bulletin Board post each month to our private file hosting subscribers who pay for Professional level or above.


16th Jan 2019 - v3.3.3 - Haystack tags

  • Improved haystack tag handling for package documentation.
  • Bugfix: Package forums can now be disabled for new version uploads.

2nd Jan 2019 - v3.3.0 - Bulletin Board

Following on from our new forums feature, we now have a Bulletin Board.

Advertise a project you need some development help on, or perhaps advertise your skills as an available developer! For a small fee, post an advert that will reach the Haystack Audience for a whole month.

All registered StackHub users may reply to a Bulletin Board post for free.

7th Dec 2018 - v3.2.0 - Package forums

We now have forums available to use for packages on StackHub. You can choose whether to enable a chat forum with your released package.

This is great for customer support and releasing news and updates for your package users. It's also an ideal place to share Frequently Asked Questions and usage advice.

14th Nov 2018 - StackHub at SkyPosium

StackHub is proud to sponsor the worlds first SkyPosium - a community event for all SkyFoundry partners and users!

I manned a vendor stand at the event and talked to as many attendees as I could about SkySpark and how StackHub licensing and hosting could help their business.

Steve manning the StackHub stand at SkyPosium 2018

And for those I didn't manage to speak to personally, I was grateful for the opportunity to address the crowds as a guest speaker.

In all it was a great event made possible by all the great people who attended. Can't wait until SkyPosium 2019!

1st Nov 2018 - v3.1.5 - Package watching

Packages may now be "Watched". By doing so you'll be notified by email whenever a new version is released or a comment is posted on the forum.

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