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As a vendor in our exciting new digital marketplace you will benefit from our unique licensing options and official SkyArc distribution.

Securing your software can be a real worry when you want to protect your intellectual property and prevent piracy.

Instead of restricting software downloads, StackHub provides license files for your software packages. This lets you control exactly how and where your software is used. Now your software can be made publicly available without worry of it being used without permission.

StackHub license files are generated using industry standard public / private key encryption which prevents their content from being tampered with. With your software security covered you can concentrate on what to sell!

Our licence restrictions mean you can disable your SkyArc extension (including all Axon functions, Views, and Apps) until the customer installs their valid purchased license file. Customized license files will be generated at the point of sale.

  • Installations
    Restrict usage to specific SkyArc installations or to entire organisations
  • Dates
    Set a date for license expiration
  • Points
    Create capacity based licenses just like SkySpark and FinStack!
  • Custom
    Create your own!

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, StackHub uses Stripe as its payment gateway providing you with a rich dashboard to monitor and analyze your sales.

All packages uploaded to StackHub include their own support forum that you can turn on or off. This is a great way for customers to ask questions about specific products and to share common F.A.Q.s. With our inhouse documentation tool, any readme files within your package are automatically displayed on StackHub as full documentation pages.

As a vendor this is an invaluable way of providing technical information for your sales products saving you time and resource.

Only StackHub is fully integrated with the SkyArc Install Manager. To make your software immediately available to your customers simply upload your package to StackHub. Any generated license files will be made available here after purchase ensuring a smooth process for your clients. With StackHub they can download licensed software directly to their devices from the point of sale.

If you prefer to keep your packages private, why not look at our range of private hosting subscriptions from as little as $25 per month?

Install Manager Screenshot

Once you've purchased a Vendor page you can start selling on StackHub.

It costs nothing to list items for sale on StackHub, instead our costs are taken from the sale transaction. Our fees cover the total amount taken for the purchase process, which include credit card transaction costs for the payment gateway provider.

We charge a percentage of your product's list price at the point of sale. To keep this fair, we've capped our fees for medium and high value products. This means the higher the product value, the less % we charge, keeping the costs down for those big sales!

Chart depicting how the StackHub percentage fee decreases as product list price increases
Sample Vendor Page

Purchase a dedicated page on StackHub for your organization:

  • Sell licences on StackHub
  • Advertise your business
  • Offer services and products

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