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StackHub Digital Marketplace

Become a vendor

Sell Secure Licences

Do you have software to sell but need to restrict capacity and usage? Perhaps you're worried about software piracy?

Our bespoke licensing solutions and unique SkyArc integration offers convenient selling tailored for your organisation's needs.

Unique StackHub licences are generated at every point of sale. You can then disable your SkyArc extension (including all Axon functions, Views, and Apps) until the customer installs their valid purchased licence file.

Our licence restrictions mean that not only are your purchases protected but you control how your packages are used. Choose any of our standard licence options or customise your own.

Available licensing options:

  • Points
    Create capacity based licenses just like SkySpark and FinStack!
  • Installations
    Restrict usage to specific SkyArc installations or to entire organisations
  • Dates
    Set a date for license expiration
  • Custom
    Create your own!

Vendor pages

Purchase one of our vendor pages to:

  • Sell licences on StackHub
  • Advertise your business
  • Offer services and products

Advertise your products in style with customised branding options for only $295 per annum.

Sample Vendor Page

Easy payments

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, StackHub uses Stripe as its payment gateway.

For buyers it means all credit card transactions are safe and secure.

For sellers it provides convenient purchase handling with a rich dashboard to monitor and analyse your sales.

Advanced security

Securing your software can be a real worry when you want to protect your intellectual property and prevent piracy.

StackHub uses industry standard public / private key encryption to securely sign all licence files, preventing any content from being tampered with. Licence signatures are provided as standard, and tightly integrated into SkyArc products.

We take care of the hard parts for you, so now all you have to think about is what to put in your package!