StackHub Pricing

Transparent Pricing on StackHub

Public Packages

You may upload and download public packages free of charge. This is StackHub's contribution to the Haystack community.

Beyond this, StackHub also offers paid services.

Private Packages & Distribution Channels

A monthly subscription to StackHub lets you create private packages.

A subscription also lets you create distribution channels. Distribution channels let you share your private packages with other named organisations.

Subscription PlanNo. of private packagesShare with...
Individual$25 USD / month5 packages1 organization
Small$100 USD / month10 packages10 organizations
Medium$300 USD / month100 packages100 organizations
Large$750 USD / monthunlimited packagesunlimited organizations

The Individual plan lets you host a couple of private packages and share them with one other organisation; which is great for beginners wanting to try out StackHub.

The Small plan, as well as doubling the number of private packages, also lets you distribute them to 10 other organisations; which is great for setting up private distribution channels to your most valued customers.

The Medium and Large plans are available to organizations with larger volume requirements.

Product and Organization Pages

Product and Organization pages are your own customised and branded pages on StackHub. They let you advertise services and sell products on StackHub.

Price per PageActive for
$295.001 year

Note the above price is a promotional offering to celebrate StackHub's new Product and Licensing features.


Products may be sold on StackHub whereby the customer downloads a securely signed licence file.

StackHub takes a percentage fee of the list price. Stripe, who perform payment processing, also take a small percentage of the transaction.

WhoPercentage FeeNotes
StackHub19.1% (approx)Actual fee = 22.0% - Stripe fee
Stripe2.9% + 30cSee Stripe Pricing for details.

For example, if you sell a product for $100.00 then the following fees are levied:

Product Advertised List Price:$100.00
StackHub Fee$18.80
Stripe Fee$3.20
Your Profit$78.00