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StackHub Pricing

Transparent Pricing on StackHub

Public Packages

You may upload and download public packages free of charge. This is StackHub's contribution to the Haystack community.

Beyond this, StackHub also offers paid services.

Private Packages & Distribution Channels

A monthly paid subscription to StackHub lets you host private packages and may also let you distribute them to named organizations via distribution channels.

Subscription PlanNo. of
private packages
Package sharing via
distribution channels
Individual$25 USD / month5 packages
Basic$50 USD / month15 packages1 package
Professional$100 USD / month50 packagesunlimited
Enterprise$200 USD / month150 packagesunlimited

Inhouse Licenses

Licences may be generated for your own inhouse products. Licences help restrict the usage of your products to specific SkyArc installations and time limitations.

Price per License

Vendor Pages

Vendor pages are your own customised and branded pages on StackHub. They let you advertise services and sell products on StackHub.

Price per PageActive for
$25.001 month

Note the above price is a promotional offering to celebrate StackHub's new Product and Licensing features.


Products may be sold on StackHub which result in the generation of a securely signed licence file.

StackHub takes a percentage fee of the product list price at the point of sale. This percentage fee includes credit card transaction costs for Stripe, our payment gateway provider.

Caps are placed on fees so a lower percentage is charged for higher value sales.

Chart depicting how the StackHub percentage fee decreases as product list price increases

Some example fees for set values are given below:

Product list priceStackHub fee

Bulletin Board Posts

Users and organisations may post on the StackHub Bulletin Board to promote jobs and services.

Price per PostActive for
$25.001 month