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v1.3 Releases

Releases compatible with SkySpark v3.1


  • Chg: Added compatibility for SkySpark 3.1.9+
  • New: Additional "TB Licensing" view in the Host app provides detail on which tariff IDs are committed against license capacity by project.
  • New: Additional subview to "4 Bill History" and functionality to create a tariffHis record based on the ts values from another meter point.
  • Chg: Minor bug fixes.


  • New: When the effectiveDate of multiple versions of a tariff fall within the same month, the dis will automatically update to include the day of the month and avoid confusion while using pickers.
  • Chg: Automatically remove an invalid ref from tariffChargeRefs when updating a tariffPercentageCharge.
  • Bug: Fixed issue on Version Linking View where the wrong effective date was listed above the previous charge version table.
  • Bug: Updated reference handling for more reliable performance of the Extend Models action.


  • Chg: Resolved issue in applying formatting to sparse tables.


  • New: Added support for historical tariff details with new view to explore and import historical details for licensed tariffs.
  • Chg: Tariffs listed on the Tariff Select View which are already licensed are now highlighted in green.
  • Chg: Added site picker to Bill History view to filter the meters displayed in the table.
  • Chg: Modified the creation of new bill histories to not include the siteRef tag.
  • Chg: Resolved issue on Tariff Detail subviews where details wouldn't display properly for certain tariffs.
  • Chg: Minor bug fixes.

v1.2 Releases


  • Chg: Enhanced UI behavior for table item selections throughout the apps views.
  • Chg: Improved user experience moving between views within the app.


  • New: Compatibility updates for SkySpark 3.1.1+.

v1.1 Releases


  • New: Enhanced bill history update step included in "Extend Models" action and update Task.
  • Chg: Expanded logging capabilities.

v1.0 Releases


  • New: Added automatic downloads of new versions of existing tariffs.
  • New: Added automation script and UI for matching and linking tariff details between versions to enable automated updates to tariff models.
  • New: Incorporated concept of Model Groups to manage multiple versions of a tariff instance.
  • New: Batch edit of charge details across all charge instances in a Model Group.
  • New: Batch edit of tariffChargeRefs for percentage charges across all charge instances in a Model Group.
  • New: Enhanced visualization configuration progress and Model Group status throughout views.
  • New: Enhanced navigation with addition of links to other views with specific state conditions.
  • Chg: Modified Bill History Generation process to leverage Model Group relationships and automatically select the appropriate tariff version for each bill period.


  • Compatibility updates for SkySpark 3.0.26+.


  • Commercial release of Tariff Builder Extension.
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Select desired capacity of utility tariffs to access within the app. Tariff updates from the tariff database are included for one year.
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