FIN Framework - the next-generation software platform with a suite of apps for smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT

FIN Framework (FIN) is the next-generation software platform with a suite of apps for smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT. It features a new applications server technology that embraces tagging and data-modeling, which enables unprecedented new functionality. It works as seamlessly on a tablet and smart phone as it does on a desktop.

FIN is a HTML5 browser based unified toolset optimized for efficient workflows. It dramatically reduces engineering labor, helping you build your customer’s solution easier, faster, and better.

FIN was designed to encourage community collaboration and seamlessly supports add-on applications such as automated analytics.


Imagine graphics that are automatically generated: navigation, point summaries and links to histories that simply work without any laborious setup, all combined with custom graphics that can be created super-fast with the best tools in the industry.


Create ad hoc charts to compare data on the fly using drag and drop points. You can use the powerful roll-up feature and even share custom views with a simple URL via email.


We radically changed the approach to alarming and have made creating and managing alarms easier. You can now create alarms and fault detection diagnostic sequences once and re-use them everywhere.


A brand new approach to scheduling, we have eliminated the difficulty of linking schedules to equipment and the labor intensive aspects of schedule management.


The new notes app is built-in to FIN enabling you and your customers to add messages related to any equipment in the database. Notes can be sorted, assigned to users, and even have open/closed status.


Embeddable control engine with comprehensive functions library and easy to use configuration UI, that supports line by line, function block and state machine control logic options.


Folio is an advanced database tool for querying and batch editing your tags, complete with built-in functionality for viewing histories, commanding points, and viewing your database.


A powerful tool for creating your tagged database and the Haystack standard is built right in. You can add histories, create relationships, and view points, all with a single app.


Designed to be open, FIN supports all the major protocol standards used in buildings today, to enable integration with multiple building systems and IoT deployments.


FIN Framework is very modular, and is designed for OEM developers, so there are many well documented APIs. These enable OEMs to easily customize and add extra functionality.

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