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Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code (for SkySpark 3.0.x only)
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Is there any noticeable performance impact?
Anthony Mackay13th Aug 2019


Thanks for your work on Axonator, I might end up using it on some new sites. I was wondering if you had a rough estimate of the performance impacts of Axonator - do encrypted projects perform similarly to regular projects? I'm worried that encrypting every function might slow down certain aspects of SkySpark, particularly the rule engine.

Steve Eynon13th Aug 2019

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your question - it's a good one - and I'm happy to say that the performance impact of using Axonator should be negligible.

I currently mention the following in the FAQ - Is there a performance hit when decrypting axonated code? but I'll update the docs on the next release to make it clearer:

There may be a very small hit the first time a function is decrypted, but once done, Axonator caches a reference to the compiled function.

All subsequent calls to the function are routed straight to the cached compiled version, so this small hit is only ever taken the once.

The best way to understanding the real implications is to try it out on a test project. The new AxonatorUI extension makes it easy to encrypt functions and .trio files to try them out.

Go to AxonatorUI Ext

Hope this helps,


Anthony Mackay13th Aug 2019

Thanks for the quick reply - I swear I read over the docs page twice and still managed to miss that, I might need to get some new glasses.

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