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novantMercuryLearn(conn, arg: null)

Perform a synchronous learn read on the given connector. Following columns are returned:

  • dis: display name of point
  • point: point marker
  • kind: point kind
  • novantMercuryCur: address to read live data for point
  • novantMercuryWrite: address to write values back for point
  • novantMercuryHis: address to sync trend data for point
Fantom signature:
@Axon { admin=true; } static Grid novantMercuryLearn(Obj conn, Obj? arg := null)

Asynchronously sync given points with the current values. The proxies may be any value suppored by toRecList.

Fantom signature:
@Axon { admin=true; } static Obj? novantMercurySyncCur(Obj points)
novantMercurySyncHis(proxies, range: null)

Import the latest historical data from one or more external points. The proxies may be any value suppored by toRecList.

Each proxy record must contain:

If the range is unspecified, then an attempt is made to synchronize any data after hisEnd (last timestamp read).

This method is designed to be run in the context of a job via the ext-job::doc.

Fantom signature:
@Axon { admin=true; } static Obj? novantMercurySyncHis(Obj proxies, Obj? range := null)
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