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novantLearn(conn, arg: null)

Perform a synchronous learn read on the given connector. Following columns are returned:

  • dis: display name of point
  • point: point marker
  • kind: point kind
  • novantCur: address to read live data for point
  • novantWrite: address to write values back for point
  • novantHis: address to sync trend data for point
Fantom signature:
@Axon { admin=true; } static Grid novantLearn(Obj conn, Obj? arg := null)

Asynchronously sync given points with the current values. The proxies may be any value suppored by toRecList.

Fantom signature:
@Axon { admin=true; } static Obj? novantSyncCur(Obj points)
novantSyncHis(proxies, range: null)

Import the latest historical data from one or more external points. The proxies may be any value suppored by toRecList.

Each proxy record must contain:

  • novantConnRef: references the haystack connector
  • novantHis: Str identifier of the Novant point id
  • his: all the standard historized point tags

If the range is unspecified, then an attempt is made to synchronize any data after hisEnd (last timestamp read).

This method is designed to be run in the context of a job via the ext-job::doc.

Fantom signature:
@Axon { admin=true; } static Obj? novantSyncHis(Obj proxies, Obj? range := null)
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