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How to load .svg files into Pod Builder?
Ian Habermann3rd Mar 2021


In "Edit Meta" dialogue, I can set skyarc.icons to true, but how do I actually load new icons? Can it be done inside of Pod Builder?

I am getting the skyarc.icons warning "Is true but there is no svg/ icon directory". Where should that directory be exactly?

Thank you.

Steve Eynon3rd Mar 2021

Hello Ian!

The svg/ directory is inside the project's PodBuilder directory.

So if your project is called acme with a pod called myPod then it would be:


Pop your SVG icon in there and the ext.icon meta then becomes the name of the file. For example, if you added svg/funkyLogo.svg then the ext.icon would just be funkyLogo.

We've updated the warning message to print the full location of the missing directory and should be releasing it soon.



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