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Seeing rules and templates on project
Jordy VandenboornTue 4th Jun

I would like to see and apply rules which I put in the podbuilder. However when I load that pod in a project I don't see any rules or templates and therefore no sparks. Am I missing something?

Henry ChatwinTue 4th Jun

Hi Jordy,

Rule records aren't automatically enabled in SkySpark in the same way as records such as funcs, defs, etc are.

When it comes to rules, the records themselves can only be provided outside of the lib/ directory within a pod, then they can be accessed via any of the io axon functions and must be committed from there. There was a recent SkyFoundry forum post around a similar issue here

As far as we were aware however, templates are still supposed to be automatically brought into SkySpark when the extension is enabled. Which version of SkySpark are you installing your built resource extension on, and are you building your template records into a trio file in the lib/ directory within the pod?

Jordy VandenboornWed 5th Jun

Hey Henry,

Thank you for your quick response. It is a lot clearer now what the pod with regards to directory does and it's a shame the rules must be commited on each project. With regards to the templates, we couldn't read them on the project, however the views seem to be able to access them which is good enough.

Henry ChatwinWed 5th Jun

I don't think it's ever made particularly clear in SkySpark, but records that are automatically brought in via resource extensions aren't stored in the main folio database, so queries via readAll won't be able to see them.

Most of the automated types have a function that allows you to view them, in the case of templates, you can run templates() in the axon shell to see all the templates available to the project. It also shows which lib they are from, if they are brought in by a pod.

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