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About tags that can ONLY be bundled into an ext...
James GesselMon 22nd May

There are tags like "transient" which cannot be to defs except in an extension. Similar to defx.

Is there a way to make these work with pod builder? Typically I'd just edit the trio files and add these tags, can I do something like that with pod builder?

Steve EynonWed 24th May

Hi James,

Thanks for the query. Do you have an example of a def that cannot be saved as a Folio record?

If these records truly cannot exist, then you should be able to upload (and edit as required) a .trio file to the PodBuilder folder using the Files View.

The file would then be included in the final pod when it is built.



James GesselThu 25th May

Hi Steve, thanks for the response!

Specifically I am talking about the transient tag, as discussed in this topic.

I was able to work around it my manually editing the trio file, similar to what you suggested. I haven't verified it worked when deployed, but seems like it should.

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