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Files remaining in pod from previous builds
Ian Habermann21st Sep 2021


I've noticed I can have files in my pod from previous builds that I intended to have removed from the afPodBuilder project.

You can replicate this by:

  1. Create a custom trio file and filter.
  2. Build the project.
  3. Remove the custom trio file and filter.
  4. You can still see the trio file if you go to "My Pods" and highlight the pod.

The only way to get rid of old files it seems is to use the "Delete..." button on My Pods view and start over.

Is there an easier way to get rid of these older files?

Steve Eynon22nd Sep 2021

Hi Ian,

The offending .trio files can be manually deleted using the Files view.

However, we've just released PodBuilder v1.1.16 that fixes the issue by deleting the .trio file when it is removed from the Folio view.

Thanks for reporting and for the detailed steps to reproduce - very helpful!



Ian Habermann22nd Sep 2021

Thanks for the speedy fix!

I keep forgetting there is an afPodBuilder folder under the SkySpark project's /io/ folder, and you can add/delete whatever files you like.

Still, when it comes to trio files, I would rather manage it all from the Folio View, which I can now do.

Thanks again!

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