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Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code (for SkySpark 3.0.x only)
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"axonated" tag throwing def errors
Christopher Hartley16th Dec 2019


I'm working through our def management process, and noticed this error during startup. I thought it was from one of our pods, but the developer that is currently testing Axonator on their pods said it was added by the Axonator app. Can you add the "axonated" def to your defs.trio file if that is the case? Thank you!

[2019-12-16 09:49:21] <defc> {} [err] Unresolved tag symbol: axonated
Steve Eynon17th Dec 2019

Hi Chris,

Axonator purposely does not declare a defs.trio file because the new symbol format throws errors and renders the extension invalid on older versions of SkySpark.

Axonator does, however, declare a tags.trio file which defines the axonator tag as seen under the Axonator Custom tags page. According to SkyFoundry in a response to the Unresolved tag symbol errors in 3.0.19 post, this should be sufficient to suppress the warnings.

As this appears not to be the case, if you can confirm which version of SkySpark you're using, I'll confirm with SkyFoundry the current status of tag warnings and consider increasing the version of SkySpark that Axonator is compatible with.



Christopher Hartley17th Dec 2019


I'm currently working on v3.0.22! I can send along any additional troubleshooting information you need. Thank you!



Steve Eynon17th Dec 2019

Thanks, I'm verifying the situation in the Unresolved tag symbol errors in 3.0.19 post.

In the mean time Chris, as I know you use the cmd line for Axonation - you can use the -skipAxonatedTag option to prevent the axonated tag from being added to axonated functions.

C:\> fan afAxonatorExt

Axonator v1.0.4 - SkySpark v3.0.20

  afAxonatorExt [options] 
  -help, -?             Print usage help
  -axonIn <File>        (Required) An Axon .trio file or a directory of .trio files
  -axonOut <File>       (Required) An Axon .trio file or a directory of .trio files
  -passPhrase <Str>     (Required) The pass phrase used to generate the secret key
  -skysparkLic <File>   (Optional) The licence file for SkySpark
  -axonatorLic <File>   (Optional) The licence file for Axonator
  -keyFunc <Str>        (Optional) The axon function that retrieves the secret key
  -stackhubKey <Str>    (Optional) The lookup used to find a licence that contains the secret key, may be 'package' or 'product'
  -stackhubVal <Str>    (Optional) The corresponding value for 'stackhubKey'
  -skipAxonatedTag      (Optional) Prevents the 'axonated' tag from being added to axonated functions
  -version, -v          (Optional) Prints Axonator and SkySpark version info

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