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Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code (for SkySpark 3.0.x only)
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[ANN] Axonator v0.9.6 Released
Steve Eynon18th Jan 2019

This new version of Axonator has an updated command line interface that lets you encrypt entire directories of .trio files!

To use, just specify directories where you would normally specify individual Axon files:

fan afAxonatorExt
    -axonIn      lib-axonIn/
    -axonOut     lib-axonOut/
    -passPhrase  "Axonator Protects"
    -keyFunc     "(fnName) => return \"gm8v8MePNgSRhVRZ-2zogw\""

Thanks go to Group 14 Engineering for the suggestion.

Have fun!


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