Software licensing

Our innovative licensing options safeguard your intellectual property.

We restrict how and where your software runs.

Our licenses use unique private / public key encryption, developed to protect your Intellectual Property.

  • Add custom license checks to your software
  • Upload your software package to your StackHub account
  • Generate a license file with custom restrictions
  • Download your license and software to the target server

Safeguard your hard work for just $75 per custom license.

View, download, email, and renew your generated license files from your StackHub account.

Look for the Generate license tool in your StackHub account.

Build your own license options:

  • Expiry date
  • Installation ID (SkyArc instance)
  • Capacity (custom units)
  • Add your own custom code!

Integration Partners

Our licenses restrict the use of software within these integrated technologies.

Automated license generation for commercial products.

Simply set up your licensing options, and then every time you make a sale, we’ll automatically license the software for your customer!

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