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WhyB utilities intended to work with histories
whybHisKitExtAxon funcs

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howReverseBoolValues(his, rec)

Function that negates boolean values from an input time serie and writes them to history. It also aligns timestamps to target rec's timezone. It modifies tz only for non-Bool recs

whyb_countByHisEnd(filter: "bmsUri and kind==\"Number\" and not virtual and not sp")

For each distinct date value in column hisEnd for the points matching specified filter, count the number of points that their histories end on that date. Empty histories are considered as finishing on 1970-01-01

It takes following params

  • filter:Str : Axon filter to select points that function will work with. Default to "bmsUri and kind==\"Number\" and not virtual and not sp"

It returns a grid wiht following columns:

  • hisEnd:Date: Date value
  • count:Number: Number of points which their histories end on that date
whyb_historiesStats(date: yesterday())

Takes a date as parameter and returns a grid with statistics of empty histories for each site in project.

  • date:<date> : date that will be used to build statics.

It returns a grid with following columns:

  • siteId:Ref : identifier of a site in the project
  • hisCount:Number: number of points for the site that match his and bmsUri and not virtual
  • nonEmpytHisCount:Number : number of points for the site that match hisEnd and bmsuri and not virtual, so their histores aren't empty
  • emptyHis:Number : nonEmpytHisCount - hisCount
  • nonEmptyHisPct:Number : nonEmptyHisCount as percentage with respect to hisCount
  • nonEmptyHisAfterDate:Number : number of points with data in their histories after the specified date
  • nonEmptyHisAfterDatePct:Number : nonEmptyHisAfterDate as percentage with respect to nonEmptyHisCount
  • nonEmtpyHisAfterDatePctTotal:Number : nonEmptyHisAfterDate as percentage with respecto to hisCount
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