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pahoMqttEXT onWrite Error
Umer shah15th Sep 2022

Hope you are doing well. we are using "pahoMqttEXT to send/receive the messages to broker. but we are having some issues.

  1. We can Send message from broker using AXON function "pahoMqttPublishMsg({url:"localhost", topic: "a/b/c", msg:"abc"})".

    But using this AXON function it creates new session on each Function Call. So, how we can use PahoMQTT Connection Reference in AXON function.

  2. When we send from Data point then it doesn't work and give onWrite() error in Debug Log.


John MacEnri20th Sep 2022

I'll take a look at that this week and see what the issue is.

A few questions in the meantime:

  • What version of SkySpark are you on?
  • Are you using the latest version of the pahoMqttEXT?
  • Are you using the cleanSession and clientId properties of the Dict param in the pahoMqttPublishMsg function call? This would enable you ensure you keep sessions between calls for the same clientId.
Umer shah21st Sep 2022

How to check the SkySpark Version? i can't find any info on Fin Framework. The extension version we are using is 1.0.14 The last one as you mentioned to use ClientID We have solved this multiple sessions issue.

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