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A set of rules for CO2 levels, humidity, room temperature etc.
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caRuleEnvHighCO2Levels(point, span, maxC02: 1500ppm, minSingleSparkDur: 15min, minDailySparkDur: 1h)

Check if the CO2 Levels are higher than the recommended levels by HSE UK.

caRuleEnvHotWaterCompliance(point, span, tempRule: 50, period: 1wk, offsetTemp: 10)
caRuleEnvHumidityTooHighLow(point, span, humidityUpperLimit: 60, humidityLowerLimit: 30)

Check if the Humidity Levels are higher or lower than the recommended levels by HSE UK.

caRuleEnvTemperatureTooHighLow(point, span, upperLimit: 60, lowerLimit: 20)

checks the operative temperature of 20 to 24C during winter and 23C to 26C during summer.

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