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Auto-refresh your SkySpark Views
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Enable refresher by default
Juul Ermens16th Apr 2021

Hi Fantom Factory,

First of all, thanks for publishing these great and free packages.

I have a question about this refresh package: Is it possible to enabled the refresher by default?



Steve Eynon19th Apr 2021

Hi Juul,

We looked into this over the weekend - and unfortunately it's not possible to load a page with View Refresher already enabled.

SkySpark Views do not have a mechanism to execute bespoke Fantom code on page load - which is needed to make this work.

So the easiest approach for your users, as indicated in the docs, is to just add a single "Start Auto-Refresh" button to your Views.



Juul Ermens19th Apr 2021

Hi Steve

Thank you for looking into this!

I think that I am going to add the "Start Auto-Refresh" button as suggested.



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