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Unit test runner and assertion functions for Axon
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Run tests on Axon code outside of running SS env?
Richard McElhinney5th Oct 2021

Hi Steve,

Is it possible to use this pod to run tests on Axon funcs written in a Trio file that is built into a pod outside of SkySpark?

We have some Axon funcs compiled into a pod and would like reduce the test cycle time by having a test runner that can run at the end of the pod build process.

I guess though, that would require the ability to spin up an Axon interpreter. Perhaps this is something possible using Haxall but not in SS prior to 3.1?

Cheers, Richard

Henry Chatwin5th Oct 2021

Hi Richard,

The release of Haxall does potentially provide the means to create a specific Axon testing framework outside of SkySpark, but as far as we are aware, there's no ready-to-go solution for that.

The question of whether it's possible to run AxonT tests outside of SkySpark depends on what exactly you're looking for.

If what you're looking for is to test axon code within a SkySpark dependant pod without having to manually launch SkySpark and run the AxonT tests from shell, then that is possible with the ProjTest class provided by SkyFoundry. Which allows a test class in Fantom to create a temporary SkySpark instance, install extensions and make calls to axon to run the tests. This way you can hold the AxonT tests as a trio file inside the pod, then have your test class install the extension & call the main AxonT function & validate the response. This could most likely be automated as part of the build process if you wished to.

It's hard to give an exact solution without knowing more about the pod, so if you've got any more questions feel free to ask!

Regards, Henry

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