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Note for SkySpark 3.0.28+ users
Steve Eynon10th May 2021

Just a quick mention that AxonDocs Ext is not currently compatible with SkySpark 3.0.28 - expect to see an "Internal Server Error" in the Axon Docs View.

In the SkySpark 3.0.28 release, all the axon functions that previously were coerced in to the one core library have now been split up in to their own respective libraries. This re-organisation of existing Axon functions broke AxonDocs Ext.

We working on a solution and hope to bring you an updated release that works with all SkySpark versions (new and old) before long.

Watch this post to keep updated!

Steve Eynon29th Jul 2021

The new Axon Docs v0.2.0, released today, brings continued compatibility with SkySpark 3.0.28+ !

All functions have been re-tagged to conform to the new library split in the later SkySpark versions. And tabbing out of Axon Docs and back in again doesn't loose your settings any more.

And... Axon Docs is still compatible with older SkySpark versions too!

Have fun!

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