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Error running extension in SkySpark 3.1.1
Arnold de Jager3rd Dec 2021

I am trying to enable the afAxonDocsExt v0.2.2 in a SkySpark-3.1.1 project, but I get an error message stating:

Missing dependency for afAxonDocsExt: axon 3.1.1 != axon 3.0.20-3.0

Any suggestions how I can fix this?

Steve Eynon4th Dec 2021

Hi Arnold,

Thanks for letting us know.

SkySpark v3.1 is major update from v3.0, and as such most existing extensions (for v3.0) do not work with v3.1 - including Axon Docs.

We have been working hard on updating all our extensions and are happy to announce Axon Docs v0.3 was released this morning that IS compatible with SkySpark v3.1.

See Axon Docs v0.3 on StackHub for details.

Kind regards,


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