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Putting Information Into Action

Altura is a mission-driven energy services firm that is pioneering the integration of engineering, controls, and analytics services for buildings, working from strategy development through implementation and optimization.

Altura was an early adopter and is a leading provider of services surrounding the implementation, integration, and optimization of SkySpark. We have over 100 million square feet of buildings with active analytics in place that we manage.

We leverage Project Haystack to deliver industry standard, interoperable metadata tagging, unlocking the power of the data across multiple platforms. And by using an open, standardized and scalable data model, we are able to deliver value-added applications that feed into existing and new business processes through analytics and fault detection, enhanced reporting, and predictive maintenance.

Our services range from basic assistance with IT connectivity and data imports to implementing sparks and building custom applications to address client workflow needs. We combine our analytics services with existing industry processes such as new construction commission, retro and monitoring-based commissioning, energy retrofits, and on-going commissioning and energy management to deliver measurable value to our clients.

See Altura's point name library with haystack-compliant tags at our BitBucket repo in csv format: Point Name Library

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